Unveiling the GC2400 Platform: A Conversation with Leo Mc Guinness, Sales Leader UK/Ireland, on Innovation and Sustainability in the Industry

Exploring the revolutionary GC2400 Platform: A Conversation with Leo Mc Guinness, Sales Leader UK/Ireland!


Congratulations on the recent transition of PerkinElmer’s business team into a stand-alone company!

With this move, the company now focuses solely on laboratory services and solutions, making it a world-class analytical solutions business. PerkinElmer has maintained its brand name because it’s very linked to its analytical instruments. The new company is better focused and can reallocate its resources and investments to its core business. The analytical business team is excited about this new opportunity to grow even more.

Here we talk with Leo Mc Guinness the Sales Leader UK/Ireland! He is going to explain to us a little bit more about their new launch the GC2400 platform and the innovative and sustainable solutions it has!

Product Presentation:

Can you tell us about your new product, the GC2400?

The GC2400 is an innovative platform designed to meet the needs of modern laboratories. It offers smart connectivity and features like remote connectivity, system status notifications, and intuitive CDS software. The tablet-based connection allows for easy access to system information from anywhere within the lab. A new user interface collates and provides live status information from multiple GC 2400 systems within the network all within a single display. It is also going to be one of our main focuses in Lab Innovations 2023!

Sustainable Solutions:

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. How does your product offer sustainable solutions?

The GC2400 has several sustainable features, such as smart gas management to reduce the use of carrier gas. The GC 2400 System can be programmed to operate with reduced gas flow during runs, in-between runs, and when idle. It also allows for the use of alternative carrier gases, by simply selecting the carrier gas of choice within the software, such as hydrogen, which is a cost-effective option compared to helium. The optional built-in hydrogen sensor addresses user safety concerns.

Lab Automation:

Lab automation is a hot topic nowadays. How does your product help with lab automation?

The pandemic has made automation more important than ever. The GC2400 provides an advantage in that you can monitor the system from anywhere within the lab. PerkinElmer Simplicity Vision™ is used in addition to SimplicityChrom CDS and can run on any PC, laptop, and tablet. This smart application provides the status of multiple GC 2400 systems within the network, meaning users can benefit from working remotely while allowing them to make quick decisions based on real time monitoring. Its intuitive CDS software and simple hardware design allow for optimal use, making it easy for busy lab technicians to operate.


What makes your product innovative, and how does your company enable innovation?

One of the innovative features of the GC2400 is its self-configuring detectors. The GC2400 allows for up to three detectors plus a Mass Spec. The GC detectors can be easily interchanged by the user and are auto configured in the software. The Autosampler towers and trays are also self-configurable meaning they can easily be moved from one instrument to another to accommodate application and workflow changes. These innovative features allow for greater adaptation of the GC2400 making ever-changing analysis simpler and more cost-effective.


Additionally, the company enables innovation by listening to customer feedback, working with clients to identify areas of growth, and creating solutions to their problems. For example, seminars are conducted to understand the needs of clients better.

Thank you very much Leo for speaking with us, and if you would like to discover more about this incredible platform, please go to the PerkinElmer website and explore!

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