Is home testing the future of health?

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Is home testing the future of health? 


Could home testing replace your doctor? Technological advancements in medicine are rapidly developing to accompany, and in some cases replace, traditional healthcare methods.

Something that we have been able to verify in all industries is that after the pandemic, the use of technology in our daily life has increased significantly. The implementation of working from home, or videoconferences are clear examples.   

The healthcare industry has not been left behind, according to the American Hospital Association, 76% of U.S. Hospitals connect with patients and consulting practitioners at a distance through the use of video and other technology.  

Written by Lola Gonzalez, Marketing Intern, Lab Innovations

Home medical tests, telemedicine and other technologies allow new ways to diagnose, monitor and treat patients and could be a revolution when it comes to costs, time efficiency and luxury of privacy. At the end, the biggest lead from home testing is getting rid of all the exasperation that go along with getting a traditional diagnosis at a doctor’s office. Also, a factor that is positively affecting the growth of this industry is the option to privacy that these types of kits give you, since many of them offer you the option of being an anonymous patient, which can be very convenient when we talk about tests on sexually transmitted diseases for example. 

At-home diagnostic testing has progress to a point where it is now possible to take a fertility test or find hormonal causes for chronic symptoms such as fatigue, digestive problems or migraine. 

Some interesting companies that are doing this type of at-home test are the following: 

  • EyeQue: At-home vision testing affordable products. 
  • Numan: A blood at-home test that checks 21 important health indicators to get a snapshot of what’s happening inside your body, sush as heart health, kidney health, diabetes risk and more. 
  • Check My Body Health: The UK Market Leading allergy, intolerance and sensitivity test.  

 Although today, at-home medical examination market currently represents around £350 million worldwide, not all experts agree with this new modality, as they argue that most patients do not have the necessary training to be able to perform these tests properly and may not be fully effective or even dangerous. It is true that the industry is growing, but today it cannot be said that these tests are 100% accurate, so when it comes to major health problems, it is still more recommendable to see an expert doctor. 

What do you think about this new implementation of technology? Do you think that it can reach to a point where it could replace your doctor?

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