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Most impactful sustainable waste management improvement
Winner: Starlab UK

This award puts the spotlight on laboratories that have successfully made their waste management more sustainable.

Starlab UK won this award for its long-range waste minimisation journey. “I am nominating Starlab UK because they have been on a waste minimisation journey since 1998 and have consistently helped improve the waste performance of their customers since then. They have found ways to minimise the amount of plastic used in their pipette tips and racks, switched their materials to contain only recyclable polypropylene, and in 2002 introduced a recycling collection service to ensure that the waste from their products does not go to landfill.” – Jacqueline Balian, Head of Laboratories, Test and Measurement Sectors at GAMBICA

Laboratories produce a massive amount of plastic waste, and Starlab’s eco-conscious customers love the idea that the plastic packaging from their pipette tips is recycled and reused. Over 60% of customers who use TipOne take part in the scheme. Most of the collection services currently taking place are long-standing collections that have been in place for many years. Starlab customers are saving around 1200 tonnes of TipOne plastic from landfill or incineration, every year. During 2020 and the pandemic, Starlab temporarily suspended collections and took this as an opportunity to audit the recycling collection service. The findings resulted in some changes to streamline the process, with the aim to stop failed collections and to increase the amount of recycling collected, per visit, thus making the service greener. The current process is proving to work well, and Starlab will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the service and implement further improvements when necessary or available. 


Most impactful sustainable waste management improvement

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