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Most impactful sustainable process improvement
Winner: CAMLAB

This award puts the spotlight on laboratories that have successfully developed their sustainable processes.

Sustainability is higher on the agenda than ever before, and CAMLAB won this award for reduction of CO2 emissions across the board. “I am nominating CAMLAB for the most impactful sustainable process award because of they have taken a lead in making their own business sustainable and in encouraging staff to recognise the importance of sustainability not only to them, but to their customers.” – Jacquline Balian, Head of Laboratories, Test and Measurement Sectors at GAMBICA

The company decided in 2013 to reduce CO2 emissions from its activities both to play its part in combatting climate change and to encourage staff to assist customers who wished to do the same. Like many SMEs using leased accommodation, opportunities for wholesale change were limited so it was decided to concentrate on four key areas, energy use, company cars, other business travel and waste. 

Between 2013 and 2021, CAMLAB reduced its annual emissions by 63% by reducing from just over 210 tonnes per year to around 80 tonnes per year.

As a distributor, CAMLAB has encouraged its suppliers to make available clear information on sustainability aspects of their products in order that customers can bake in sustainability for their operations via the procurement process. In addition, CAMLAB’s MD, Ben Sunderland has inspired the GAMBICA Lab Sector to set up a sustainability working group to help the whole sector develop sustainability into a competitive tool.

Having taken effective steps to cut its own emissions, CAMLAB has set out to make a real difference, and has provided.

Most impactful sustainable process improvement

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