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Most impactful laboratory research model or simulation
Winner: Shimadzu

This award puts the spotlight on laboratories that have successfully developed a laboratory research model or simulation.  This award went to Shimadzu for the Advanced i-Series UHPLC.

“In 2020, the pandemic hit society very quickly. It impacted both personal and work lives. Although the country was placed under lock-down causing the slowdown of the economy; the emphasis on science, research and innovation accelerated. Research laboratories needed to evolve to continue to function but, needed to operate with limited staff to minimise the chance of spreading infection. The Advanced i-Series was the solution to support analytical laboratories around the world by providing intelligent instrumentation with better automation, remote access, and analytical intelligence. It is the first UHPLC series designed to support remote workstyle, keeping the safety of scientists, researchers, and laboratory staff at the heart of its design.” – Anna Cooper, UK Marketing Manager at Shimadzu UK Limited

In 2020, due to the pandemic sweeping the nation; analytical laboratories required the ability to minimise personnel required to attend instrumentation but, maximise automation and remote working.

Shimadzu has developed a liquid chromatography system with the safety of laboratory staff at the heart of its design. The Advanced i-Series is not only the first UHPLC system designed to support remote and flexible workstyle, but utilising the automated and analytical intelligence features, it is able to monitor, correct and resolve issues in the absence of human intervention. This innovative way Shimadzu approached the design of their new chromatography system sets the precedence for the future of modern laboratory workflows.

All these advancements were designed with analysts in mind to help with changing and adapting workflows and support the digital transformation.


Most impactful laboratory research model or simulation

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