Sustainable initiatives at Lab Innovations

Strive for a greener future

Sustainability is more than just a buzz word

It is the future of scientific and laboratory operations. We all know that as much as possible needs to be done to protect our planet, and at Lab Innovations, there are plenty of ways that you can discover how you and your organisation, however big or small, can make a difference.

Sustainable Lab

One of the biggest features at Lab Innovations is the Sustainable Lab, hosted and run by Green Light Laboratories over the 2 days.

Take a guided tour around the showcased equipment, and hear the simple changes you can make to improve the energy efficiency of your lab, and how best to reduce waste.

Innovation and Sustainability Trail

The Innovation & Sustainability Trail highlight the very best sustainable solutions that our exhibitors have to offer. Follow along with one of the guided tours and hear exclusive insights into each product!

The Lab Awards

The Lab Awards highlights sustainable achievements and those working as eco-friendly as possible. Dedicated categories have included ‘Sustainable Lab of the Year’ and ‘Best Sustainble Product’. Find out more about the awards here. 

As an event, Lab Innovations is also doing a lot to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. If you have any idea on how to we can improve this, please do get in touch with the team! From digital contact sharing, the event app, and even special carpet – find out how we’re doing our bit here. 

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