Listen to the Lab Matters podcast

Listen to the Lab Matters Podcast

Listen every week to Harriet Gould talking with the people behind the science about their exciting experiences and careers. Tune in to hear exclusive insights, opinions and more!

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A Lab Innovations podcast

The Lab Matters podcast talks all things lab industry with host Harriet Gould. 

Harriet Gould is a familiar face in the science arena and long-time friend of Lab Innovations. Passionate about the people behind the science, Harriet brings her experience as a communication professional to this series.

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Lab Matters is brought to you by PolyScience and their award-winning line of temperature control equipment. For over 60 years, PolyScience has been helping the world innovate, create and reach their full potential in labs across the world with their range of chillers, water baths, circulating baths and more. Quality, reliability, durability and sustainability are the core values behind every PolyScience product. Find out more 

Hear from industry experts across the entire lab industry

From forensic scientists, geographic explorers, consultants and more – the Lab Matters guests are rich in knowledge. 

You’ll learn something new every week on the Lab Matters podcast! 

Get in touch if you have a specific topic or person you’d like to hear from or about

Here at Lab Innovations, we believe that everyone should have equal opportunity to give their insights, opinions and more on the Lab Matters podcast

If this is something you are interested in, please email for more information!  

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