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Cryogenic Freezers


Cryogenic Freezers

Air Products offers a complete solution for all your cryogenic storage needs. Working alongside MVE Biomedical, world leaders in cryogenic freezers, we provide the optimum solution for your needs: from the supply of liquid nitrogen to the safest and most
economical storage of your samples.

The MVE range of cryogenic freezers offer a range of benefits for your sample storage needs, including:
• Efficiency – Lowest liquid nitrogen consumption in the industry
• Stability – Lowest below-the-lid nitrogen vapour temperatures.
• Sample security – Freezer temperatures can be maintained for up to 23 days without liquid nitrogen supply.
• Ease of access – With an offset lid, free-moving internal storage and integrated step (1500 and 1800 series)
• Improved Safety – The facility for nitrogen vapour storage considerably reduces any splashing hazard for the operator.
• Reduced Carbon Footprint –The energy requirement is less than 1% of that for mechanical –150°C freezers.
• Optimised Capacity – A variety of height options enable maximium storage capacity without compromising on footprint.
• Easy Operation – Via the touchscreen controller

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