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Verulam Scientific Ltd is a supplier of analytical instrumentation providing innovative solutions to the UK clinical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental, and biotechnology markets.

With specialisms in chromatography, electrochemistry, MALDI imaging, and laboratory automation, we offer customised solutions for many applications. We are extremely proud to be the UK distributors for a number of highly reputable European and US manufacturers, including: Antec Scientific; KNAUER; LCTech, HTX Technologies, SETonic, Hudson Robotics, Bertin Instruments and Axel Semrau; Bertin Instruments.

We strive to offer customisable solutions across our portfolio of products, whether this is an individual module or complete systems or workcells. Each will be tailored to your specific needs and fully supported by our technical team.

We offer a range of service packages and can complement this with reagents, spares, and consumables to support many laboratory requirements. Our experienced team of service engineers, technical sales specialists, and support staff ensure our customers have the confidence that all queries will be dealt with promptly and effectively, no matter how small.

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Sublimator™️ for MALDI Imaging by HTX Technologies

Sublimator™️ for MALDI Imaging by HTX Technologies

The HTX Sublimator™️ is a robust and easy-to-use sublimation system offering a standardised and controlled method for sample preparation for matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry. The vacuum chamber is designed for maximum speed and reduced MALDI matrix consumption. Electronic controls and pre-defined matrix deposition protocols ensure sample-to sample reproducibility and optimum matrix surface

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Pickering Test Solutions – Artificial Body Fluids for Product Testing

Pickering Test Solutions – Artificial Body Fluids for Product Testing

Pickering Laboratories Artificial Body Fluids Products are used worldwide for product testing and research applications. They are made to official product testing specifications from ANSI, NIST and other official standards organisations. The GMP compliant manufacture process of Pickering enables excellent batch reproducibility and precise matching of official formulations. Custom formulations to accommodate specific pH or

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