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Aspect Scientific are the UK distributor of the extensive and high-quality range of EKF Stanbio
Clinical Chemistry tests which can be automated with any chemistry analyser, including our Altair
240 random access benchtop chemistry analyser.
We also specialise in ELISA Automation Systems and offer the market leading Dynex Technologies
range of instrumentation capable of automating any ELISA assay and catering for any level of
Combining flexible, open, convenient and reliable instrumentation with our comprehensive technical service and support to automate your microplate assays, which in turn allows you to implement standardised, accurate and faster testing processes within your laboratory and reduce manual workload.
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Aspect Scientific are also a specialist Technical Service and Support provider for medical diagnostic
We provide tailored technical services to meet the specific needs of our customers and end users;
preventative maintenance, repair services, telephone support and fully comprehensive service
contracts. Aspect Scientific work directly with equipment manufacturers and distributors to provide high quality technical service and support of diagnostic instrumentation on their behalf, across all areas of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. We ensure fast, effective and direct customer support where and when required.
Aspect Scientific also provide a range of other support services designed to complement and
enhance existing business functions to ensure first class support for your customers where bespoke
technical services are required to support specialist and unique processes and products. Through a
business to business relationship with Aspect Scientific we can design technical service and support
solutions to fit the unique requirements of your business and your customers.
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