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Visit the UK’s only trade exhibition for the entire laboratory industry

Visit the UK’s only trade exhibition for the entire laboratory industry

3 & 4 November 2021 | NEC, Birmingham

3 & 4 November 2021 | NEC, Birmingham


About us

a1-envirosciences have been at the forefront of the supply and support of instruments for chemical analysis for over 50 years. Formerly part of the Anachem group we have experienced rapid growth. As part of the European a1-envirosciences GmbH group we are sustaining our reputation as a leading supplier of state of the art analytical instrumentation across Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Austria and Benelux.

With a UK office in Newcastle along with our demo laboratory and service support function on Birchwood Science Park, we can offer the best levels of customer service.

– Unmatched experience and technical expertise
– UK and Ireland based technical and service support
– Development and support with new applications, both pre and post sales
– Product demonstration and technical seminars
– Large UK customer knowledge base

Strategic partnerships with premium ompanies including Mitsubishi, Nippon Instrument Co, and Gilson Inc. ensure we attract and retain customers spanning a wide variety of market sectors and maintain a unique portfolio of products covering…

– Elemental (Mercury, Sulphur, Nitrogen, Halogen) Analysers
– Karl Fischer & Auto-Titration
– Automated Analysers for water, wastewater and soil analysis

Our stability and creativity allow us to continually evolve to ensure our customers receive the very best equipment tailored to their application whilst remaining commercially competitive.



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