Innovating Sustainability: Swiftpak's Journey in Packaging Solutions

Innovating Sustainability: Swiftpak’s Journey in Packaging Solutions

Hi, I’m here with Ethan from Swiftpak, and we are at the Swiftpak facilities. So, Ethan, can you tell us about who Swiftpak is and what it is that you guys do?

Swiftpak is a great company; we’re a packaging manufacturer with 45 years of experience. We are a family-owned business and we supply all over the UK to a whole range of different sectors, providing various types of packaging with a big focus on sustainability. We are a B Corp, and we’re really proud of that.

Great, glad to hear it! Can you tell us a little bit about some challenges that you’ve faced over the past couple of years and how you overcame them?

Sure! As you can imagine, sustainability is significant when it comes to packaging. Many of our customers have had to adhere to new regulations. So, Swiftpak has partnered with them to come up with new solutions, whether it’s by creating something bespoke for them or innovating on a product they already use. For example, with the plastic tax that came into effect a few years ago, we had to innovate and find a wrap that met their needs. Additionally, educating our customers so they’re well-equipped to know what they need to do and providing a solution for them to do it is crucial.

That’s really important; thank you! So, final question, why have you decided to exhibit at Lab Innovations?

Swiftpak is a growing business, and we’ve recently moved to a new warehouse, which we are really excited about. I think we chose Lab Innovations because we’ve seen the work that the event has been doing, looked at the numbers, and noticed that many decision-makers attend the exhibition, which is a key factor in why we want to be there. We believe that we have great products and a great service that can make lab professionals’ lives easier, more cost-effective, and more sustainable. We can’t wait to be there and see everyone at the show and show you what we can do!

Thank you for hosting us at the new Swiftpak warehouse and for giving us insight into the company, Ethan! Looking forward to seeing you at Lab Innovations 2024!


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