Will AI Take People's Jobs in the Future? An Opinion Piece/Interview with AI

Will AI Take People's Jobs in the Future? An Opinion Piece/Interview with AI

With the increasing prevalence of AI across various industries, the question of whether AI and robots will eventually replace human jobs looms large. While automation and AI have been present in the laboratory industry for some time, recent advancements have raised concerns among specialists. According to a report by Forbes, jobs in finance, marketing, and legal are considered most at risk, while manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare are considered more secure

Personally, I believe that AI should not be feared but embraced as a tool to enhance human capabilities. The fundamental reason is that replacing people with AI would mean losing the unique thoughts, ideas, and creativity that humans bring to the table. While AI can replicate certain functions with speed and efficiency, it cannot truly replicate human intuition and ingenuity.

To put this to the test, I conducted a role-playing interview using ChatGPT, an AI app accessible online. In this interview, the AI played the role of “Ben,” a lab automation technician from InnovateTech, a company that recently exhibited at Lab Innovations. The goal was to assess how well AI could recreate an exhibitor’s experience at the event.

Daisy: Welcome, Ben! Let’s start with a brief overview of your company.

ChatGPT: Thank you! I work at InnovateTech, a lab automation company that has been a leader in the industry for two decades. We specialise in creating cutting-edge solutions for laboratories, optimising processes, and enhancing efficiency in scientific research. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the scientific community.

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as a reliable partner for labs around the world, and our commitment to excellence has helped us maintain a strong presence in the market. Our focus is on delivering state-of-the-art automation solutions to improve accuracy, speed, and overall productivity in various scientific disciplines.

Daisy: That’s great. Here at Lab Innovations, we focus on sustainability. How does sustainability impact your company, and how do you contribute to it?

ChatGPT: Sustainability is a crucial aspect of our company’s values and operations at InnovateTech. We recognize the responsibility we have towards the environment and the scientific community. Here are a few ways we contribute to sustainability: Energy-efficient solutions, Recyclable Materials, Longevity and upgradability, Green initiatives in manufacturing, education, and awareness.

By integrating these practices into our business model, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future while supporting the scientific community in their research endeavors.

Daisy: How was your company’s experience during COVID-19?

ChatGPT: The COVID-19 pandemic presented both challenges and opportunities for InnovateTech. Initially, we faced disruptions in the supply chain and manufacturing processes due to lockdowns and restrictions. However, our team quickly adapted to remote work, leveraging digital technologies to continue product development and support for our clients.


During the pandemic, the demand for lab automation solutions increased as laboratories worldwide intensified their efforts in research and diagnostics related to the virus. We pivoted to meet these demands, accelerating the development of automation systems tailored for COVID-19 testing and research.

Our commitment to customer support remained unwavering, with virtual assistance and remote troubleshooting becoming integral parts of our services. The challenges posed by the pandemic highlighted the importance of resilient and adaptable business strategies, and we have since incorporated those lessons into our long-term planning.

Despite the difficulties, the pandemic served as a catalyst for innovation within our company. It prompted us to explore new technologies, enhance our online presence, and reinforce our dedication to providing reliable solutions for the scientific community. As we move forward, we continue to build on the experiences of the past, ensuring that InnovateTech remains at the forefront of lab automation with a focus on adaptability and customer satisfaction.

Daisy: Are you looking forward to exhibiting at Lab Innovations?

ChatGPT: Absolutely! We’re excited to showcase our latest innovations and connect with the scientific community at Lab Innovations. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share our advancements and learn from industry leaders.

Daisy: Do you have any customer success stories you can share?

ChatGPT: Certainly! One notable success story involves a research that implemented our lab automation solutions. By streamlining their processes, they significantly increased throughput, reduced errors, and improved overall efficiency. This success not only enhanced their research capabilities but also resulted in substantial time and cost savings. It’s rewarding to see our technology making a positive impact on scientific endeavours.

Daisy: Do you have any advice for upcoming automation students?

ChatGPT: Certainly! My advice to upcoming automation students is to stay curious and embrace a multidisciplinary approach. Automation is a field that intersects with various disciplines, including engineering, computer science, and biology. Develop a strong foundation in these areas and continuously seek opportunities to learn and adapt to emerging technologies. Hands-on experience through internships or projects is invaluable, helping you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Additionally, networking within the industry and staying updated on the latest advancements will position you for success in the dynamic field of automation.

Daisy: And finally, where do you see the future of the lab?

ChatGPT: The future of the lab is undoubtedly heading towards increased automation, integration of artificial intelligence, and enhanced connectivity. Laboratories will leverage advanced technologies to optimize processes, improve data accuracy, and accelerate research outcomes. Robotics and AI will play pivotal roles in repetitive tasks, allowing scientists to focus more on complex analyses and creative problem-solving. Furthermore, there will likely be a greater emphasis on sustainability, with labs adopting eco-friendly practices and technologies. Collaboration and data sharing across global research networks will become seamless, fostering innovation and breakthroughs. Overall, the future of the lab holds exciting possibilities as technology continues to evolve and reshape scientific research.


It should be noted that this interview took multiple attempts due to the system’s struggle to understand the concept of being in role-play – adding a name helped differentiate this.

 The interview above, while believable and insightful, still lacks genuine ideas and emotions. The presented ideas are somewhat superficial and lack deep industry knowledge. This helps prove the point that AI is not something to be feared or shamed; rather, it should be used to enhance our ability to deal with a high workload. Whether it’s helping brainstorm or running through data to find anomalies, AI can be used in everyday activities such as cooking to quality control in a lab.

The lab automation sector of the industry certainly proves this point. For years, humans and automation have been working together to ease and perfect tasks that a human could do, making their workload easier. The possibilities of AI usage in the laboratory industry are endless. This report gives insight into the ways AI can help with clinical research alone! 

In conclusion, yes, AI can be daunting at first, but it needs to be embraced and used to harness the future of the industry. Labs are where the future is discovered, so being the technology of the future, there is no better place for it to fit into.

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