Richard Jafrato explain to you how you can obtain a Lab Award this year!

 “An Interview with Richard Jafrato, General Manager at Haier Biomedical: Supplier Excellence Award and Lab Fit-out Triumph”


Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Richard Jafrato the General Manager  of Haier Biomedical, who recently won the Supplier Excellence Award for their exceptional performance in a lab fit-out project.

Let’s dive into their key objectives, challenges faced, factors contributing to their success, and the impact of winning this prestigious award.

  1. Could you tell us about the key objectives and achievements of the lab fit-out project?

 Certainly! Our main objective was to complete a comprehensive laboratory fit-out within an incredibly tight deadline. The project had to be ready for operations in less than a month after the work was completed.

With $54 million in funding, a significant portion dedicated to the lab, our workload was substantial.

One of our notable achievements was our stockholding policy, ensuring the availability of the required materials. Through careful scheduling and collaboration with a channel partner, we successfully delivered all the necessary equipment within the specified timeframe.

2. What were the principal challenges you faced while trying to reach these objectives?

We encountered three main challenges during the project.

Firstly, stock availability was critical, and fortunately, our facility in China allowed us to quickly obtain the materials we needed.

Secondly, the client wanted to minimize the number of suppliers involved. To meet their requirements, we partnered with SLS to deliver equipment that the client’s existing suppliers couldn’t provide.

Lastly, the task of measuring and delivering large-scale equipment, such as freezers and cabinets, posed logistical difficulties. We worked closely with the client, with our staff on-site measuring and adjusting plans to accommodate the required equipment.

Additionally, we implemented appropriate air conditioning to handle heat-intensive rejection.

3. What factors do you believe contributed to Haier Biomedical’s success in achieving the Supplier Excellence Award?

One of the key factors was our ability to offer a full project-management service.

We allocated dedicated team members who handled the project from start to finish, ensuring continuity and professionalism throughout. This approach resonated well with our customers, as they appreciated working with the same team throughout the process.

We believe that providing exceptional service and building strong client relationships played a significant role in our success.

4. How has winning the Supplier Excellence Award opened up new opportunities for Haier Biomedical in terms of partnerships and collaborations?

Winning the Supplier Excellence Award has had a tremendous impact on our business.

It has helped us secure similar projects in the biotech and pharma sectors. When pitching for new business, we often use this award as an example of our capabilities, and it has significantly boosted our credibility.

Winning this award has opened doors for partnerships and collaborations, allowing us to expand our reach and establish ourselves as a trusted player in the industry.

5. As we approach Lab Awards 2023, what message would you like to convey to other companies and suppliers about the benefits of participating in this event?

Participating in Lab Awards is an excellent opportunity to raise your company profile within the industry. It provides a platform for recognition and celebrates the achievements of your staff, which ultimately has a positive impact on your business as a whole.

The feedback and validation received through such awards can enhance your brand reputation and open doors to new opportunities.

We highly recommend companies and suppliers to participate and take advantage of this fantastic event.

6. In three words, could you summarize your thoughts on the Lab Award?

 Recognition, achievement, and brand-building!

Thank you, Richard  for sharing your insights and congratulations once again on your Supplier Excellence Award. Your lab fit-out triumph and dedication to exceptional service are truly inspiring.

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