Could ONE pig feed the whole world?

Could ONE pig feed the whole world?


One of the most discussed topics lately is sustainability, millions and millions of experts are warning us that the world as we know it today is unsustainable. The population does not stop growing while the resources to survive are diminishing.

Luckily there are already large companies aware of this problem looking for solutions. One of the ideas that they propose to us is the lab grown meat… 
A big question is, how do they do it? The process is straightforward – meat is grown by taking cells from a living animal and placing them in a petri dish. Scientists then use the DNA from the cells to create the cell mass. Then they put the cells in the lab to grow into the desired muscle tissue and you have your meat! 

Written by Lola Gonzalez, Marketing Intern, Lab Innovations

In this way, we would be able to create a meat that would reduce the environmental impact, that would reduce animal suffering, that would increase the security of having food on the planet and a meat capable of adapting to all kinds of intolerances. 

Although it seems that all are advantages, there are also several drawbacks, what we currently consider the main barrier to market entry are high prices, since the production process is still in its infancy, the cost of obtaining the necessary materials and sophisticated machinery to grow a single patty can be exorbitant. Although like everything, being such a new concept there still have to be many improvements to make it real.  

What do you think of the lab grown meat? And most importantly, do you think a pig would be able to feed the entire world? We are certainly passionate about that idea! 

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