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Most impactful consumable innovation
Winner: ESSLAB

This award puts the spotlight on laboratories that have successfully created consumable innovations that deserve recognition.  

ESSLAB won this award for its Inorganic Ventures Transpiration Control Technology (TCT™). “Inorganic Ventures Transpiration Control Technology (TCT™) significantly extends the shelf life of these essential Certified Reference Materials (CRM’s), improving efficiencies – at the same time minimising waste.” – Cliff Marshall, Managing Director, ESSLAB

Extended CRM stability has many benefits to analysts including time-saving efficiencies due to reduced cross-checking of new batches before use. Additionally, there are cost-savings as laboratories can realise purchasing efficiencies confident that short expiry dates will not be an issue. Sustainability – many CRMs are also classified as hazardous liquids, with associated disposal costs and potential environmental issues.

Long term stability and homogeneity studies have shown that thanks to our TCT™ Technology where each CRM bottle is packed in our purpose designed polymer aluminised bag, under proprietary environmental conditions, eliminates transpiration of vapour from the bottle, which would otherwise result in an increase in concentration of the CRM. Shelf life has been extended to a unique and industry-leading 4 years for Stock CRM’s and 5 years for our Custom CRM’s.

This extended shelf-life ensures rapid on-time delivery to all customers to enable them to schedule, stock and use CRM’s minimising stock-outs and wastage and to report analytical results on time.

Most impactful consumable innovation

The Lab Awards are taking place on the evening of the 3 November 2021 at the ICC, Birmingham. Organised by Lab Innovations and powered by Laboratory News, the awards are the place to celebrate the reunion of the industry and the fantastic collaborations, products, companies and people within the laboratory industry.

There are 16 categories open for submission, follow the link below to view all categories and submit your entry!

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