Sustainable initiatives at Lab Innovations

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1 & 2 Nov

Sustainable Initiatives at Lab Innovations

Interested in sustainability in the laboratory Industry? Check out what sustainable elements are available to you at the show! 

Sustainability Gallery

Our sustainability gallery is where our most sustainable exhibitors will be promoting their products in our virtual gallery.

Sustainability Trail

The sustainability trail is an in-person tour that occurs twice a day each day at Lab. These tours will take you across the Lab innovations floor to the featured exhibitors. This gives a spotlight on sustainable-specific exhibitors for you to network! 


Lab awards

The Lab awards have sustainable-themed awards. These include Sustainable Lab of the Year and Best Sustainable Product. This allows sustainable initiatives of the industry to be highlighted and celebrated! 

Sustainable Lab

This feature from Green Light Laboratories is an opportunity to hear about best practices on how to make your lab more sustainable and efficient. 

Sustainable content

Over the course of the two days, there is a substantial amount of content revolving around sustainability at Lab Innovations. One notable sustainable content is the Royal Society of Chemistry Theatre is dedicating itself entirely to sustainability theatres. The insights and innovations theatre (sponsored by PerkinElmer) is also running a dedicated content stream on Sustainability, including 8+ hours of content including panel sessions, Q&As and more. If you as a member of the laboratory industry are interested in sustainability, you do not want to miss out! 

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