Innovation Initiatives at Lab Innovations

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1 & 2 Nov

Innovation Initiatives at Lab Innovations

As said in the name, Lab Innovations focuses on celebrating the progress made within the laboratory industry. Here is a guide on how you can see the most cutting-edge technologies 

Innovation gallery

The Innovation Gallery is an opportunity for the most innovative exhibitors can display their products. Applications for the innovations gallery are still currently open so stay tuned! 


Innovation Trail

The innovation trail is an onsite trail around the Lab Innovations floor to display the most innovative products from exhibitors. To sign up to be on the innovation trail, you can sign up for them when registering for your Lab Innovations ticket 

Lab Awards

After adding new categories to the Lab awards we now have new awards celebrating exclusively innovation awards. These new awards are ‘Best Technology Innovation’ ‘Best Consumables Innovation’ and ‘Best Automation Innovation’. This allows for the innovation of the industry to be celebrated! 

Smart Lab

The Smart Lab this year will feature an innovation and start-up zone. This is where start-ups and SMEs will be showcasing their very latest technology. This is the place to see the future of labs. 

Innovations content

On top of all the element shown here, there is also a wide range of innovate content shown across the three theatres at Lab Innovations. These talks and discussions help give you insights from lab industry experts. The insights and innovation theatre is running automation / data strean and the Live Lab theatre is all about technical demonstrations and innovative products. If you are intersted into the future and innovations of the Lab industry, this is something you do not want to miss!

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