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The VELP NDA 701 and 702 Dumas Nitrogen Analysers are versatile elemental analysers for Nitrogen and Protein determination according to the Dumas combustion method. Powered by the DUMASoft software, both analysers produce N/Protein results in just 3 to 4 minutes without needing to be supervised. Faster, easier, and safer than a traditional Kjeldahl system, the VELP Dumas Nitrogen Analysers do not require aggressive chemicals making them the best solution for high throughput labs looking for a safe and fast analyser.

Applications: Cereal Grains and Oilseeds AOAC 992.23, animal feed AOAC 990.03, milk and milk products UNI EN ISO 14891, FIL-IDF 18, flours, cereal grains, oil seeds and animal feeds AACC 46-30, grain and grain products ICC 167, oil seeds and animal feeding stuffs ISO 16634-1:2008, beer, wort and brewing grains AOAC 997.09, meat and meat products AOAC 992.15, fertilizers AOAC 993.13, soil ISO 13878:1998, rubber latex elastomers ISO TC 45/SC 2 N2116, cellulose, vaccines, plastics, paper.

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