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The HFR Cell Disruptor



The HFR is the ideal production model and offers the same lysis efficiency as the standard cell disruption systems across the full range of processing pressures yet can provide a vastly superior flow rate.
With lysis efficiencies of up to 95% or more and flow rates of up to 150L per hour, this system can make short work of processing the entire contents of a production scale fermenter or bioreactor, even without prior pelleting and re-suspending.
The intuitive user interface offers complete control of the flow rate while the flow path accumulator ensures that the entire sample is processed smoothly and efficiently. The HFR machine has been shown to give the same lysis results as the CF Range when processing tough to break cells types such as S. cerevisiae and N. oculata and the innovative heat exchange system ensures that the processed sample is completely chilled upon recovery when fitted with a circulating chiller.

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