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The CF1 Cell Disruptor


The Continuous Flow Cell Disruptor

The CF Cell Disruptor offers Continuous Flow Processing with two models, the CF1 and CF2. Both models offer the same process and differ only by process speed, the CF1 offers up to 6L per hour and the CF2 offers up to 24L per hour processing rates. Both models benefit from a HMI control, a maximum process pressure of 40kpsi (2700 bar), integrated sample cooling jacket, 200mL inlet reservoir (hopper), auto shut down feature for when the process is complete and both models take advantage of Constant Systems precise and consistent hydraulic control which is fully scaleable through the whole product range from 0.5mL single preparation processing to large volume processing at 150L per hour. This precise control ensures that the entire sample is processed at the operators set pressure to ensure accurate and consistent results and in most cases a single process or pass is adequate meaning multiple passes are not required.
Both models are capable of processing fluid or re-suspended sample types and are utilised for many sample types such as bacteria, yeast and algae.

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