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Information centralised, readily available and searchable
Laboratories today generate many types of documents. Documents are used to ensure the lab operates to standards through SOPs and methods, and communicating results to customers through reports and Certificates of Analysis. These documents need to be created, edited by team members, routed for approval, and put into effect and communicated to those impacted. This can be diffi cult and expensive to do manually, either through passing paper/sign-off sheets around, or by storing on department share drives. Labs also generate data from testing instruments which need to be brought into the LIMS. Manually rekeying this data can introduce errors, and takes time.

STARLIMS SDMS solution manages the documents and data generated by a lab. SDMS will automatically pick up and intelligently parse documents and data, mapping it to appropriate location in the LIMS, route through a workfl ow for others to review and approve and enable it to be used in the system, whether to communicate lab results to customers, or put new SOPs into effect. Set it up once, and SDMS will work silently in the background managing your data and documents, ensuring your organisation is in compliance and has the appropriate controls in place. Save money on printing and managing paper, save time and focus on getting your work done.





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