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Access your lab from virtually wherever you are
Work in the lab operates in different areas. You may have samples that are collected outside the lab and sent in. Within the walls of the lab, you may have testing done at workstations, perhaps in different rooms. Inventory may be stored in a multiple locations. The challenge is that desktops and laptops may not be available everywhere you need to do work. Sometimes you may need to use
paper or other third party solutions.
With STARLIMS Mobile solution, you can use the STARLIMS Mobile App available on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to continue your work virtually wherever you are. Whether you are out of the lab collecting samples, or in the lab, moving from your desk
doing work in other areas, continue your work regardless of the computing device you are using. Automate your workflow.

Our approach to Mobile Apps:
• Tailored to screen size – The user experience is tailored to match the appropriate screen size
• Focused on specific tasks – As opposed to having all the functionality, the apps provide tasks which are typically done on the go
• Touch friendly interface – Uses an intuitive interface with larger buttons
• Cross platform – Supporting both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
• Supports offline mode – Allows mobile apps to be used in offline situation and synced back when network connection is restored





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