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STARLIMS – Laboratory Information Management System


STARLIMS Laboratory Information Management System

Reduce costs and turnaround time, increase efficiencies and testing volume, boost quality laboratory productivity
The configurable nature of STARLIMS allows you to handle many types of laboratory processes or workflows without the need of programming or complex configuration, handle different products testing requirements and automate the sample collection, logon,
receiving, assignment, testing, result entry, approval, release and report generation process.

With STARLIMS you can:
• Manage your data by exception rather than reviewing results that are nominal
• Automatically visually flag and immediately compare results in real time against defined specifications for immediate response
• Fully trace your lots and your inventory using built-in features such as lot genealogy and chain of custody support improving regulatory compliance
• Manage and track auditable electronic records, have an integrated picture of your laboratory resources taking part in a specific analysis (scientists, instruments, standards and SOPs)
• Manage your product development data
• Create your protocols, studies and have visibility on when and what needs to be pulled and tested, manage your product shelf life (Stability Management)
• Perform trend analysis and process control charts





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