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Become paperless, streamlined, harmonised & promote collaboration
Laboratory workfl ows today can be complex, including multiple steps. Your results are important, so each step is documented. But documenting in paper notebooks, forms, logbooks, or in Excel fi les stored on department share drives can be ineffi cient and diffi cult to maintain compliance. It is diffi cult to share paper notebooks with colleagues in different locations. Files stored on department shared drives can be diffi cult to maintain and search.
STARLIMS ELN is a powerful paper notebook replacement for your lab. Whether you are looking to track information about reagents and standards, capture interim result data in tables, create calculations on the fl y using standard Excel formulas, add pictures and annotate, or include attachments, the Excel-like integration provides you with a fl exible canvas to capture and store your data in a central repository which is easy to search, easy to share and maintains compliance with your organisation’s record retention rules. You can even
see the method/SOP while you are executing the steps to ensure compliance.
The STARLIMS ELN allows you to focus on getting your work done as effi ciently as possible, and allows you to execute your test workflow without interruptions.





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