STARLIMS is pleased to announce STARLIMS Cloud Services featuring the innovation of STARLIMS’s industry-leading LIMS, combined with the worry-free, cost-effective reliability of a cloud-based solution, all for a monthly subscription fee. The STARLIMS Cloud is a secure application environment consisting of powerful server and storage technologies that are managed by STARLIMS and can be accessed by customers via a web browser. STARLIMS Cloud Services is available for Manufacturing, Forensic, Environmental, and Public Health customers and will soon be expanded to include Clinical Research and Diagnostic customers.

With STARLIMS Cloud Services, you do not have to purchase hardware, install software, or manage your system infrastructure. STARLIMS Cloud Services allows you to be more productive and cost-efficient by allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—your business. STARLIMS Cloud Services Includes: A Public or Private Cloud Offering
All Software Licensing
Application(s) High Availability
Development, Test, Validation, and/or Production Application Environments
Infrastructure Maintenance including Installation, Patch Management, Malware Protection, System Monitoring, Notifications, etc.
Database Maintenance, Backup, and Retention Services
HIPAA Compliance for Regulated Customers

Lightning-fast dependability

Often, companies are challenged to deploy systems with short time lines, and those challenges are often exacerbated by having to contend with equipment and personnel resourcing needs. STARLIMS Cloud Services drastically reduces the time required to begin a project whether constructing an initial Proof-of-Concept, or deploying a full system. There is little time spent navigating the budgetary process for hardware purchases or identifying IT support resources to staff the project. Why wait for infrastructure to be provided when you can immediately begin planning, design, development and training? With STARLIMS Cloud Services you can spin up development, testing, and/or training environments upon demand. Perhaps your company would prefer to manage its production environment but does not wish to purchase extra computing resources for development and training needs? Not to worry; regardless of whether your company decides to deploy 100% of your system in the cloud, or prefers to retain a conventional on-premises solution for your production environment while utilizing a STARLIMS Cloud for your system development, testing and/or training needs. STARLIMS Cloud Services can tailor a cloud environment to meet your requirements.
Reliable System Stability, Carefree Maintenance, and Continuous Optimization

We’ll ensure your system is ready and available when you are. Our DBAs will monitor your system’s performance and keep your systems tuned, while our IT experts will ensure system updates and patches are installed and up to date.

Security and HIPAA Compliance

One of the concerns about data transmitted or maintained in the cloud in the past pertains to data security. STARLIMS Cloud Services encrypts data in transit and at rest so that you may be assured that your data is safe and secure. STARLIMS additionally offers a HIPAA compliant Cloud Services option that meets all HIPAA regulatory requirements.

Dynamic Environment

As your business needs evolve, so do your computational needs. STARLIMS Cloud Services will adapt your CPU, memory, storage, and throughput requirements to meet your needs. Gone are the days when changing needs meant changing hardware and serious impact to your users. STARLIMS offers the best-of-class Cloud environments whether Public or Private to complement your business’ Cloud Strategy. With the STARLIMS Public Cloud, customers can access their STARLIMS environment directly via the Internet. With the STARLIMS Private Cloud, customers can access their STARLIMS environment as an extension of their internal network via secure connections such as IPSec or MPLS to the STARLIMS Private Cloud.





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