Have a clear picture of your lab efficiencies, bottlenecks and trends
Laboratory managers are faced with many decisions today. It can be challenging and time consuming to gather data to make informed decisions. The great thing about the LIMS is that it stores a large amount of data about each day’s activity in a lab. Analysing this data, looking at trends and patterns over weeks, months, years, can provide insights into the operations of a lab.
It can help answer questions for root cause analysis, identify opportunities for improvement, identify bottlenecks causing performance issues, and help build a business case for new resources. Laboratory managers need data to make decisions.
Put the power of STARLIMS Advanced Analytics to work to quickly provide you with the data you need to make effective decisions to run your lab.

Advanced visualisation
Advanced Analytics solutions allow for data to be visualised with charts relevant to the data. There are many types of charts available and the solution auto guides you to pick the best visualisation based on the data set you have. E.g. data with a geographic location
may be best visualised on a map. Scatter plots are useful for visualising large data sets and looking for outliers in that data. Bar charts and pie charts are useful for comparison. Seeing data in these types of visualisations allows the user to see insights which jump out at them and are difficult to see in a spreadsheet or detailed view. Using color, shape and size allow further insights.

Moreover, laying out these charts in a dashboard, which assembles two or more charts allows the user to see relationships between data sets, as well as use filters to focus in on the data they are specifically interested in. Finally, dashboards allow the user to drill down through different data sets, allowing them to tailor their search and see details of a summary data set.





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