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Pneumatic Tube Systems for Sample Handling, Pharmacies, and Clean Rooms


Hospital pneumatic air tube systems are where Aerocom excel, with 90% of our operation concentrated on providing and maintaining reliable, efficient hospital internal logistics technology. A very significant return on investment from pneumatic tube systems is the key to the success of our installations in hundreds of Hospitals.

Sample handling is by far the most common medical application of capsulated air tube transportation, more often called “the pod” or “chute” locally by medical staff. Efficiency is also a factor, samples are sent promptly from wards or clinics across a vast campus to the laboratory through a network of tube routes, designed by experts, managed by fully controllable and windows friendly computerised automation.

The AC3000 system is the leading choice of pneumatic tube system for hospitals in 85 countries worldwide, with dedicated hardware and software specifically designed to comply with international standards and regulations. For sample handling, we also consider the concentration of traffic flow will be specific to and from laboratories, in contemplation of this lab dedicated equipment is available to ease both peak period throughput and manual handling.

Planned preventative service & maintenance will assure the equipment and machinery in any system remains reliable throughout its working lifecycle. Constant usage will in time wear down consumable parts, this will be accelerated without regular cleaning and lubrication. As with any machine, the terms and conditions of the warranty will require service inspections at predetermined benchmarks to remain valid during the cover period.

Aerocom (UK) Ltd offer a wide range of PPM service packages for all of our installed systems. Depending on the system type, the general requirement is a service visit at least every 6 months, excessively used equipment may require interim service and inspection calculated from usage frequency statistics.

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