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PE-1000 Mercury Analyser for Hydrocarbons


The model PE-1000 is an automated mercury analyser that measures mercury concentration in raw crude oil, petroleum distillates and gases with ultra-high sensitivity, high accuracy and quickly by heated vaporization atomic fluorescence method. Once all the applications are set onto the automatic sample changer, the sample injection, the pre-treatment and the measurement automatically proceeds without any user intervention. Closed system design and septa-sealed sample vials prevent mercury lost, thus accurate measurement can be achieved.

■ Sample: Petroleum related liquid and gaseous
■ Measuring method: Heat-vaporization, gold amalgamation method
■ Detection method: Atomic fluorescence method
■ Measuring range: 0.01μg/L to 100ng/L
■ Control and data processing: Windows-based
■ Automatic sample changer: 110 samples
■ Gas measurement (optional): by Mercury collector tube
■ Method compliance:UOP938-10





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