Nittoseiko AQF-2100H – COMBUSTION CHROMATOGRAPHY – Lab Innovations UK

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The AQF-2100H is a preparative combustion system for coupling to ion chromatography (combustion IC). The combustion IC allows measurement of F, Cl, Br, I and S with a measuring range of sub-ppm to %.
The C-IC’s superior precision, automation capability, analysis time and safety has made it the technique of choice to replace manual screening preparation techniques such as Wickbold combustion and oxygen bombs.

The AQF-2100H is by preference combined with the Thermo Dionex range of Ion chromatography systems. The combination of an AQF2100H and a Thermo Intergion gives unmatched performance in the field of combustion ion chromatography.

Applications: Petrochemical, WEEE/RoHS screening, Fuel from waste RDF/SRF screening, PFAS screening, polymers, bio and renewable fuels, electronics, agrochemical, Mining and Mineral screening, Battery recycling and many more.

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