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Mitsubishi KF/CA-31 Portable Moisture Meter


For over 30 years Mitsubishi has been considered the gold standard in Coulometric and Volumetric Karl Fisher Titration. The NEW portable moisture meter CA-31 continues the legacy providing the user the ultimate in simplicity and flexibility for Karl Fischer. The portable CA-31 is a compact coulometric Karl Fischer moisture meter for the economic user. The airtight, ground glass, one piece titration cell provides near zero background levels of moisture and can be used with either a fritted or fritless cathode solution cell. Configure the CA-31/KF-31 with the optional battery pack and aluminium carrying case for a convenient, rugged, and completely portable system. Ideal for routine analysis, measuring moisture in transformer oils and for petrochemical applications.

Manual and automated sample injection plus vaporiser can be selected. Depending on your sample type you are able to select the best injection system. Certain samples can be directly injected into the cell, others need be vaporised. All sample types are possible: solid, viscous, liquid, gas and LPG.





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