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MA3000 Mercury Analyser for Solids and Viscous Liquids


The NIC MA-3000 offers a simple approach to the often challenging task of sample preparation in mercury analysis.The MA-3000 is ideally suited for solids, non-volatile liquids and gases (using mercury collection tubes). It features 100 position fully integrated autosampler, has a small footprint and tri-beam detector.
Adding the Cold Vapour module allows compliance with EN 1483.

– Mercury analysis in only 5 minutes.
– Extended Dynamic Range Optics (Patent-pending) from 0.002ng-2000ng linearity and cubic fit up to 25,000ng in a single calibration.
– Unique Dual-Cell Detector (Patent-pending)-Auto Range with Independent Detectors
– 100 sample positions
– Positive pressure sample container prevents contamination
– Optional attachments for Reducing Vaporization Method and Gas/Ambient Air Analysis
– Tri-photo sensor optics (patent pending) design offers simultaneous low and high concentration range measurements, avoids cross over and co-elution of high and low peaks, which is inherent in other dual-cell detector design
– Special moisture removal step helps to avoid catalyst overloading and saturation while extending the lifetime of catalyst tube
– Ceramic sample boats allow for easy acid-washing and drying
– Auto-blanking function on unexpected high level measurement to avoid carryover to next samples

Thermal Decomposition: Fish Tissues, Soil, Sludge, Fertilizer, Feed, Foods, Polymers, Electronic Materials, Biological Tissue, Medicine, Ores, Coal Waste, Oil, Paint, Blood, Urine, Waters and More:
Reducing Vaporization: City water, River water, Lake water, Rain water, Industrial Wastes and More
Gas Analysis: Environmental Atmosphere, Working Environment LPG, LNG and More





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