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LabVantage Analytics


LabVantage Analytics

LabVantage Analytics is a full-featured, self-service advanced analytics solution that gives you full control to explore, analyze, and visualize lab, enterprise, and even external data to gain valuable insights.
Transforming scientific, business, and external data into knowledge can speed new discoveries, increase lab throughput, improve quality of outputs, and reduce waste and downtime.

Based on the powerful Elastic Stack open-source search platform, and designed by analytics experts, LabVantage Analytics uses business intelligence with machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities to track and trend KPIs and predict and alert on issues before they happen. And, because it seamlessly integrates with LabVantage LIMS, end users can analyze LIMS data while maintaining data integrity and security.

Self-service analytics with point-and-click dashboards and visualizations and a flexible query tool for ad-hoc data mining that doesn’t require IT support
360° view of lab operations directly from LabVantage LIMS including visualization of lab and enterprise system data
Data integrity by design, inheriting security, permissions, and data integrity features that are built into LabVantage LIMS
Advanced analytics with AI / machine learning that looks for patterns, behaviors, opportunities, and risks; predicts future outcomes; and provides recommended actions

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