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The KAPSAP series of analysers allow the high throughput automation of ion selective electrodes using the novel known-addition standard-addition potentiometry technique.

• Small sample size: 1 to 2 ml
• Capacity of 280-350 samples depending on the selection of Gilson robot
• Reagent savings; fluoride analysis uses 1/10 the amount of TISAB compared to conventional techniques
• automatically corrects for any potential carry-over from one analysis

APPLICATIONS: CN, F, S, Cl, NO3, CO3 etc. in effluents and natural waters. NO3, Cl, NH4, K, Na, Ca, I CN in soils, plant material, fertilisers and feedstuffs.
Any process with determinants including acidity, alkalinity,
Br, CN, NCO, F, Cl, I, NO3, I, K, Na and HS

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