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Enbio Microjet Media Steriliser – Revolutionising Sterilisation


The modern Microjet Media Steriliser has a space saving, benchtop design. One of the main USP’s of the Microjet is its fast sterilisation process; owing to the application of “Direct Energy Transfer technology”. The “Direct Energy Transfer technology” is a revolutionary process which utilises microwave automation, instead of the traditional ‘pressure cooker’ approach.

-It only takes 7 minutes* to sterilise (5 times faster than traditional sterilisation)
-Operation of the Microjet Media Steriliser is intuitive, it does not require additional training
-Touchscreen Technology: The modern design of the Microjet Media Steriliser means all functions are touchscreen operated. To improve lab efficiency, the Microjet includes modern functionalities, including real-time monitoring of the sterilisation progress
-Liquid media such as microbiological media, buffer solutions, carbohydrate solutions or water can be sterilised in standard laboratory vessels of 100 to 500 ml capacity
-Temperature resistant up to 135°C (glass or plastic – PMP, PP, PTFE, FEP)
-Each operation is automatically stored on a Micro SD card
-As the data is stored in a format compatible with GLP, it can be copied to any PC and read using the inclusive ENBIO Data Viewer software.
-Competitively Priced
-2 year warranty





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