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DuraChill® Portable Recirculating Chillers.

“Changing the world of chillers forever” is more than a catch phrase. It’s delivering on a three year promise to create a product line that redefines what a chiller is. Focused on ease of operation, new innovative thinking and being environmentally conscious, DuraChill® is the new leader for all others to follow.

Continuous Liquid Level Monitoring
Because pump seals will fail in as little as 30 seconds of being run dry, DuraChill® chillers include a state of the art capacitance liquid level sensor to protect the pump from premature failure.

Dynamic Self Changing Filter
DuraChill® is preprogrammed to change its own air filter once a month for a two year period and can be adjusted to suit your operating environment.

UV Light Biological Growth Inhibitor
As a part of our commitment to the environment we developed a patent-pending UV Light Biological Growth Inhibitor that will continuously control biological growth in the fluid path without the need to add chemical growth inhibitors and preventing algicides from being released into the world’s waterways.

Intelligent Self Diagnostic System
DuraChill® features an Intelligent Self Diagnostic system that allows each DuraChill® chiller to store its complete initial operating performance profile in on board on the day it is built.

Full Color Touch Screen Display
Our color touch screen display gives you all the information you need at a glance. The screen will display continuous status of set temperature, actual temperature, reservoir fill level and output pressure as well as the status of your air filter.

DuraChill® is defined by numerous innovations thoughtfully engineered to work together to deliver precise and reliable temperature control day after day – whenever you need it.
– Cooling capacities from 850 to 2900 Watts
– Choice of ultra-reliable Turbine or Positive Displacement Pumps
– Fluid temperature control range from -10 to 40°C





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