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Download the case study – Milk production in the cloud


Discover how we implement our LIMS solution for Food&Beverage in a diary company.

Granarolo is the most important Italian company in the milk production chain, with direct participation from producer cooperatives.
It’s the major agro-food group in Italy, made up of two divisions: Granlatte, a consortium of milk producers operating in the agricultural
sector responsible for milk collection, and Granarolo S.p.A., a limited company that processes and markets the finished products through 12 production sites located all over Italy and two production sites in France.

The group’s laboratories used to manage the analytical process using in-house tools developed using spreadsheets and text documents.
These tools, however, proved limiting for managing all the laboratory work across Granarolo. The main requirement for Granarolo was to
manage the constant flow of data coming from the analysis of the Payment Quality Milk and guarantee customers full compliance with
the rules of accreditation. Managing all laboratory activities was fundamental, especially those related to their main partner Granlatte.





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