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Digital General Purpose Water Baths


The digital general purpose water bath is a fundamental product in the lab. Many manufacturers often sacrifice quality and innovation strictly to meet the demands of a tight budget.

PolyScience believes you can have both, as well as convenience, durability and safety. Our goal with our water baths has always been is to strike a perfect balance between cost and reliable precise temperature control.

Something we have once again achieved with our new generation of PolyScience water baths. 50 years of research and innovation have come together to offer you the best water bath with the greatest ease of use on the market.

The new PolyScience water baths are the first baths on the market to utilize a full color TFT display that provides improved contrast and the ability to easily view the display from across the room. Features intelligent, fully customizable temperature and duration presets, giving you the ability to program frequently used values that are repeatable at the press of a button. Now you are able to select a preset temperature, let it run for the exact time and temperature you want and when it’s done, your PolyScience water bath will alert you that it’s about to enter an eco-friendly standby mode and power down automatically. This function not only increases energy efficiency, but safety for you and your lab.

The intuitive user interface offers five languages: English, French, German, Spanish or Chinese.

The silicone-pad heating element was specifically designed to apply even heating throughout the entire bottom surface of the tank, creating excellent temperature uniformity.

PolyScience was the first company to put a clear hinged gable cover on a water bath and this continues to be a standard feature on all of our water baths. This gable design prevents puddles on your bench – when you tilt the lid back, condensation drains down into the bath. The high-clearance lid design accommodates taller media bottles.





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