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Consultancy in analytical techniques


Our consultants offer their expertise through a range of consultancy services including method and application support and troubleshooting to provide a robust, accurate and effective solution for your analyses.

We can help you:

– Develop, fully optimise, troubleshoot, validate your methods.
– Select the right instrument, the best techniques and the correct consumable items for your application.
– Troubleshoot service or maintenance problems, instrument hardware or software problems, chemical or physical problems by considering the chemistry of the sample, matrix and analytes and looking at every step from sample collection to analyte detection.
– Solve application problems such as incorrect selection of instrument, techniques or consumables.
– Troubleshoot method problems such as parameters not correctly optimised.

Benefit from our expertise – our consultants are practicing analytical chemists with current skills.

We can provide onsite consultancy using your instrument and your data or offsite at our facility at The Open University in Milton Keynes.





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