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Combustion Ion Chromatography


The Mitsubishi AQF-2100H Combustion Ion Chromatography system opens up new possibilities in halide and sulphur analysis.
With preparation techniques such as oxygen bombs and flasks, a great deal of manual sample preparation is required and often recoveries are lower than expected.

Using Mitsubishi’s new Secure Combustion Software Program any type of unknown sample can be successfully analysed fully automatically.

– One combustion method for samples
– No need for internal standards
– Software control and data handling
– 0.1 ppm detection levels
– 40 position solids and 50 position liquid auto-samplers
– Options for gas and LPG samplers
– Fraction collection capability

The AQF-2100 is ideal for the analysis of:
– Materials tests for halogen free products IEC 61249 Part 3.2 for screening analysis of the total bromine (Br) in homogeneous materials found in polymers and electronics
– JEITA JIS ET7304 – Cl, F, Br in solder
– Cl & Br in electrolytes, aluminium, resins, & electronic products
– Halides and sulphur in wood chip, paper, filters, sludge, waste water, seaweed, soil, plant materials, rubbers, plastics, biofuels & general waste.
– D5987 – Fluorine in Coal and Coke
– D7359 – Sulphur, Chlorine & Fluorine in Aromatic Hydrocarbons
– Chlorine and Fluorine in LPG’s
– Halides and sulphur in polymers and rubbers
– Pharmaceutical raw products,
– Iodine in kelp
– Agrochemicals, food and beverages
– Pigments, paints, solvents, fuel cells and catalysts

The AQF-2100 can be linked to an existing Ion Chromatography system and the IC can still be used for other applications or with an autosampler without affecting performance.





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