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Automated High Through-put Water Analysis


The new Aqualyser IV is an automated instrument range developed to improve the efficiencies and through-put within UK Environmental and Water Analysis Laboratories. Our new range of analysers combines a small footprint with the highest sample capacity achievable per meter of bench space.

The Aqualyser IV range provides innovative, cost-saving solutions with a common user-interface in order to simultaneously analyse any combination of determinants. The new range of Aqualyser IV systems can also now determine conductivity using more than one calibration standard.

Two models of Aqualyser IV systems are available.

Simple dip probe measurement systems are ideal for measuring pH and conductivity in soil leachates and waste waters. Additional options include automatic addition of liquids for leaching prior to analysis. A static probe system is also available where the sample is added to a cell for analysis which increases sample capacity and allows for a titration such as alkalinity to be performed on the samples following pH and EC measurement.
Typical sample capacity is between 90 and 280 samples (static option) with an analysis time of <2 or 6 minutes if performing a titration.

Utilising flow through cell technology the Aqualyser Flow range of instruments delivers unmatched sample capacity and measurement speed. New sample handling and flow cell design allows the analysis of any sample ranging from drinking water to waste waters. Measure pH and conductivity in <2 minutes for waste water samples using a sample volume of less than 15ml and a batch capacity of up to 350 samples.

Simultaneously measure between two and four determinants:
pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Colour, Fluoride, Alkalinity, Ammonia, Chloride, acidity, and a variety of other anions and cations utilising Ion Selective Electrodes or by titration.





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