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Advanced pipetting with Eppendorf’s new Multipettes takes the strain out of serial dispensing


The new electronic Multipette® E3 and E3x from leading life science company Eppendorf raise the bar in terms of ease of use and versatility of electronic manual dispensers.

Developed in line with Eppendorf’s PhysioCare Concept, electric motor driven dispensing helps to minimize the strain of work in the laboratory. Eppendorf’s instinctive design minimizes the risk of RSI by lowering operation forces and positioning buttons to accommodate natural hand movements.

To further guarantee ease of use and reduce eye strain, the new Multipette’s have an enlarged and easy-to-read colour display with clear arrangement of all adjustable parameters. These can now be displayed in 9 different languages to ensure correct operation and correct results worldwide.

The new possibility to save often used parameter settings as favourites saves time and facilitates the usage even more. An adjustable reminder for due service helps to ensure correct results.

The Multipette E3x offers with its 7 different operation modes additionally the highest flexibility in use compared to other manual dispensers.

1. Pipetting from 1µL to 50mL with one instrument only
2. Dispensing up to 100 steps in a row with one aspiration only
3. Automatic dispensing at fixed time intervals
4. Sequential dispensing of different volumes
5. Multiple aspiration of equal volumes one Combitip
6. Titration: Sensitive dosing of liquids while volume is displayed
7. New: Multiple aspiration and display of unknown volumes with immediate dispensing in desired partial volumes

Automated tip recognition and volume calculation for all tip sizes then mitigates the risk of manual pipetting errors, improving reliability. Eppendorf’s Multipettes are the only manual dispensers that can recognize all tip sizes. When combined with Combitips advanced®, the Multipettes form a concerted dispensing system without compromise on accuracy and precision.

All Eppendorf’s Multipettes allow precise sequential dispensing of samples up to 100 times, accelerating experiment times compared to conventional techniques, and the correct, reliable dispensing of ‘difficult’ liquids.

Regular pipettes work according to the air cushion principle, where the liquid is separated from the piston by an air cushion. These are highly accurate in most applications, but their performance can be affected by the viscosity, volatility, temperature and surface tension of the liquid. The new Multipette systems’ employ robust positive displacement technology to dispense liquid directly without an air cushion. This ensures that the correct volume is delivered every time following a single aspiration, even for fluids with complicated physical properties. In addition, the risk of cross contamination of biological samples and the carry-over of residuals of hazardous and radioactive liquids is eliminated as the liquid is protected with a hermetically sealing piston.

Christiane Markau, Global Product Manager Liquid Handling said: “Since introducing the first piston-stroke pipette 30 years ago, Eppendorf products have continually improved the analytical productivity of the life science laboratory. The Multipette E3 and E3x are the manifestation of Eppendorf’s twin development goals of higher efficiency and greater user care. The smart design offers dual performance and safety improvements in every area, such as the use of hermetically sealed pistons to prevent aerosol contamination during dispensing. This simultaneously improves pipetting accuracy and protects the user from radio¬active or toxic substances”.


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