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Advanced Bioimaging RTP


Advanced Bioimaging RTP

The Advanced Bioimaging RTP was established in 2015. It supports the investigation of complex biological problems by researchers at Warwick and externally, through the application of cutting-edge imaging technologies. The RTP specialises in advanced light and electron microscopy.
The RTP houses two electron microscopes. The JEOL2200FS (2016) is equipped with a field emission gun electron source, an in-column energy filter, and a Gatan K2 Direct electron detector. The JEOL2100Plus (2018) is fitted with a LaB6 filament and a Gatan OneView IS CMOS camera. Additionally, the suite boasts a Leica GP plunge-freezer, an RMS cryo-ultramicrotome, and other supporting equipment such as a glow discharger and a carbon coater.


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