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The most advanced, innovative and user friendly digital aerosol photometer available today, the 2i Digital Photometer is portable, yet rugged, and the ideal instrument for in-situ filtration system integrity testing. The iProbe, a handheld scanner with local LCD display and controls, enables the operator to change settings without stopping to adjust the base unit, minimizing downtime.

– Independent filter certifiers
– Nuclear facilities
– Pharmaceutical manufacturers
– Medical facilities and cleanrooms
– Biosafety cabinets and fume hoods

Key Features & Benefits
– Lightweight, portable and rugged digital photometer
– Large 4.3 in. LCD screen to display critical information
– iProbe (optional) with 12 ft cable for hard to reach areas minimizes downtime
– User settable aerosol noise suppression for more stable aerosol measurements
– Printer (optional) available for reporting
– 2i-N models include a sealed sample train, allowing for the safe removal and replacement of contaminated sampling components
– 2i-N models are compatible with ASME N511, ASME 510, ASME 509 & ASME AG-1

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