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Seedcorn access for academic institutions


Seedcorn access for academic institutions

As part of our Warwick Analytical Science Centre funding, we are providing 480 days of seedcorn use of our analytical facilities to PhD students, the intent of which is to foster new collaborations (i.e. no previous joint publications) and new research opportunities (new methods of using techniques and multidisciplinary approaches). This will help share expertise across students’ home institutions, fostering a national collaborative approach. This provision will be spread across the four years of the WASC grant, with 60 days in 2021, 120 days in year 2022, and 150 days in years 2023 and 2024.

Upon successful application, users will be able to carry out short analytical investigations of up to three days whilst also benefiting from the expertise of our RTProfs during, and after the experiments have been carried out. In addition, we are developing an online library of AS-I training resources which will be made available to applicants via our dedicated web-portal.



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