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A single platform for managing all laboratory activities through a suite of integrated modules.
A Significant reduction in the results input time and operator errors, through LIMS integration with laboratory instruments.
Real-time availability of analytical data even from different locations (Multisite) by publishing them on the web and results through e-mail sending.
Advanced usability, thanks to an intuitive graphical interface.
Role-based access and local user (multilanguage and multilocalization) for better use.
Highly configurable LIMS, adaptable to both large and small laboratories (Configurable – Off – the – shelf – COTS) by being able to draw the GUI, customize the workflow processes and events, and the definition of rules status and configuration of the calculations.
Short startup time of the system through the provision of preloaded data and imported data.
Maintenance of configurations and customized upgrades and future versions of the system.

The Product is based on modern technologies: Microsoft.Net Framework, Microsoft Entity Framework, data exchange using XML technology WebServices.
High reliability and security of stored data: the system architecture EuSoft.Lab is based on a relational database. This allows the management of a considerable amount of data and provides the highest in reliability and performance. The technology used allows the exchange of data with maximum flexibility.
High quality product with well-defined processes and controlled via software factory: all stakeholders are connected to share common goals and reduce time to market.
Web based, designed for the Cloud
Integrated with other systems (eg accounting accounting) and ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning (eg SAP).
Supports the audit, the customization of workflow, offers to the users the possibility of design web pages and print reports.
Support Multitenant and Multilanguage scenarios, with different database platforms (SQL Server and Oracle).

Guarantee of regulatory compliance including UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 9001 and CFR 21 – PART 11 of the FDA.
Auditing of the data and logging of all transactions for a complete traceability of information.
Better control of all business processes through the integration of LIMS with third-party software (ERP, MES, accounting systems).
Protocol management of quality assurance on (your)analytical data (QA / QC), in compliance with the standard US – EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
Decision support through statistics and advanced searches, data transfer systems IMS (Information Management System) and Business Intelligence.





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