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Anthias Consulting Celebrates 15 Years Sharing Knowledge & Expertise in Analytical Science


In June 2020, Anthias Consulting celebrates 15 years sharing knowledge and expertise in analytical science worldwide.

Director and Senior Consultant Dr Diane Turner founded the company in 2005 to support laboratory analysts with independent advice, teaching them the knowledge and skills to improve their methods and results.

By working with both the analysts using the instrumentation and the instrument manufacturers, Anthias provides unbiased knowledge and expertise with the aim of ‘Bridging the Gap’ and enabling analysts to get the most from their analytical systems.

Anthias has developed a varied client base that includes multi-national corporations, small independent laboratories and academic institutions spanning a range of industries; from food analysis, fragrance, forensics, healthcare, environment and petrochemicals through to agriculture and archaeology.

Through their consultancy services, Anthias has worked on a variety of applications in government laboratories, industry and research worldwide; from the analysis of contaminants present in UK rivers to testing the safety of drinking water in Kuwait.

The majority of Anthias training courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development, highlighting the high standard of the course content, Anthias was one of the first companies to achieve this.

Dr Diane Turner, Founder and Director said “I am extremely proud of this significant anniversary and its achievements, both personal and of the whole team past and present who have contributed to reaching this milestone. This current period has been challenging but also rewarding in how quickly our team have adapted with the launch of our online courses, enabling us to continue supporting analysts with their professional development at such a critical time. We would like to thank our valued customers, partners and colleagues for their continued support.”





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