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Mechanism That Accelerates Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Confirmed

Research completed by scientists has confirmed that a mechanism – driven by a sophisticated genetic system known as an integron – plays a crucial part in accelerating resistance and gives bacteria an ‘incredible opportunity’ to evolve in response to antibiotic treatment.

7 April 2021

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Beer Waste Reinvented as Food and Fuel

Recently scientists have reported a new way to extract the protein and fiber from brewer’s spent grain and use it to create types of protein sources, biofuels and more.

7 April 2021

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Generating Proteins Using AI To Speed Up Drug Development

Researchers discover a way to generate synthetic proteins using Artificial Intelligence. The new approach has massive potential for developing efficient industrial enzymes and new protein-based medicine, such as antibodies and vaccines.

30 March 2021

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Study Reveals How Cells Endure Stress

Research shows how cancer cells endure stress and survive. An international research team discovered mechanisms that human and mouse cells use to survive heat shock and resume their original function.

30 March 2021

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Promising Material Could Help To Make Renewable Energy From Water

Researchers have come about a material, nanoporous cubic silicon carbide, that exhibits promising properties to capture solar energy and split water for hydrogen gas production.

23 March 2021

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The Secret to Precisely Turning Genes On and Off

In a recent study scientists have discovered how to simultaneously harness multiple forms of regulation in living cells to strictly control gene expression and open new avenues for improved biotechnologies.

22 March 2021

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Government raises standard on COVID-19 testing

It is expected that the UK government will require all private COVID-19 testing providers to have UKAS accreditation to ISO 15189 or ISO/IEC 17025 as a mandatory minimum standard by the summer.

18 March 2021


Why Does Lifespan Vary So Much?

A new model of aging factors in not only genetics and environmental exposures but also the small changes that randomly arise at the cellular level.

15 March 2021

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Fingerprints Enhance Our Sense of Touch

Our fingerprints are an indelible marker of our identity. New research has shown they may help improve our sense of touch.

15 March 2021

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Unique Remote Sensor Network Monitors Urban Greenhouse Gases

The sensor network MUCCnet is made up of five high-precision optical instruments that analyze the sun’s light spectra.

9 March 2021

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Retinal Implants Give Artificial Vision to Blind People

EPFL researchers have discovered a type of retinal implant for people who have become blind due to the loss of photoreceptor cells in their retinas.

8 March 2021

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Tissue's Microscopic Geometry Impacts Movement of Malignant Cells

Research has proven a crucial mechanism behind one of humankind’s most deadly physiological processes: the movement of malignant cells from one part of the body to another.

2 March 2021

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TPLATE Protein Complex’s Molecular Architecture Revealed

A recent discovery demonstrated that plants heavily rely on a protein complex named the TPLATE complex. This complex is present in plants and a wide range of other eukaryotes, which shows it is evolutionary very old and part of a protein complex family of which all other members are intensively studied.

1 March 2021

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How Indoor Air Quality Is Affected by Outdoor Pollution

Research shows that elevated air pollution claws it’s way into indoor spaces.

23 February 2021

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Sleep Proves Essential for Linking Emotion to Memories

When you fall asleep, it’s easy to think that your brain shuts down, but research suggests that groups of neurons activated during prior learning keep humming, tattooing memories into your brain.

23 February 2021

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Viruses Can Block the Immune Response by Hijacking Cellular Processes

A University has found that viruses can ‘hijack’ an existing molecular process in the cell to block the block the body’s antiviral immune response.

16 February 2021

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Star-Shaped Brain Cells Could Be Linked to Stuttering

Astrocytes — star-shaped cells in the brain that are actively involved in brain function- could play an important role in stuttering.

15 February 2021

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50% of Global Wastewater Treated But Developing Countries Lag Behind

Vast quantities of wastewater are produced per day . If not properly collected and treated, wastewater may severely affect human health and pollute the environment.

09 February 2021

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Machine Learning Creates Realistic Genomes for Imaginary Humans

A recent study uses machine learning to mine existing biobanks and generate chunks of human genomes which do not belong to real humans but have the characteristics of real genomes.

08 February 2021

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Hormone Discovery May Explain How Exercise Boosts Metabolism

According to a new study, a mitochondrial hormone expressed by cells deep in the brain appears to play a role in improving metabolism.

03 February 2021

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Coal Mine Methane Emissions Higher Than Previously Thought

Compared to previously calculated, the amount of methane released into the atmosphere as a result of coal mining is likely to be much higher.

01 February 2021

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Transformative Route to Chemically Recyclable Plastics

Researchers in the Chirik Lab have discovered a potentially game-changing new molecule – from a material known for over a century and used to make common products like tires and shoe soles – with vast implications for fulfilling that promise through depolymerization.

26 January 2021

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Super Slow Motion Crystal Structures

Researchers at the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen have now managed to film, for the first time, the laser transformation of a crystal structure with nanometre resolution and in slow motion in an electron microscope.

25 January 2021

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UK COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan

The vaccination programme will be expanded so all adults can be vaccinated by the autumn.

13 January 2021


Large Mammals Essential for Soil Health

The findings evidence for the first time the importance of these animals to the nitrogen cycle and serve as yet another warning of the ecosystem losses caused when large mammals disappear from tropical forests.

18 January 2021

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Algal Communities Locked in a Simplified State by Ocean Acidification

Researchers from Japan have discovered that ocean acidification keeps algal communities locked in a simplified state of low biodiversity.

18 January 2021

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Greenland Melting May Be Expedited by Sedimentary Bacteria

Bacteria are likely triggering greater melting on the Greenland ice sheet, possibly increasing the island’s contribution to sea-level rise.

15 January 2021

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How Viruses "Pack Up" To Infect

Researchers have for the first time identified the way viruses like the poliovirus and the common cold virus ‘package up’ their genetic code, allowing them to infect cells.

11 January 2021

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New Lab-on-a-Chip Turns Blood Test Snapshots Into Continuous Movies

The “Real-time ELISA,” is able to perform many blood tests very quickly and then stitch the individual results together to enable continuous, real-time monitoring of a patient’s blood chemistry.

11 January 2021

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What Gives Cells an Appetite for Viruses?

A team led by UT Southwestern researchers has identified a key gene necessary for cells to consume and destroy viruses.

17 December 2020

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Essential Workers Win TIME's 2020 Person of the Year Reader Poll

Essential workers—the nurses, doctors, delivery people, grocery-store employees and many others who continue to risk their lives on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic—have won TIME’s 2020 Person of the Year reader poll.

7 December 2020


Reducing cycle duration of VPHP biodecontamination

Decreasing the time needed for biodecontamination cycles impacts H2O2 consumption and productivity. The knock on benefits on the bottom line have meant increased efforts by suppliers to provide equipment that enables this.

9 December 2020

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How Our Brain Separates Fact From Possibility

New insights into the impact word choice has on how we make distinctions between what’s real vs. what’s merely possible.

8 December 2020

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A coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine has been approved for use in the UK.

The vaccine has met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness set out by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

2 December 2020


Team Develops Transcription Factor Library for Cell Engineering

Found a way to systematically extract hundreds of different cells quickly and easily from iPS using transcription factors, including neurons, connective tissue and blood vessel cells.

1 December 2020

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"Seaweed"-Like Filter Could Remove Heavy Metals From Contaminated Water

Osaka University has developed a nanopowder shaped like seaweed for a water filter to help remove toxic metal ions.

30 November 2020

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Microplastics Found at the Top of Mount Everest

Scientists have identified the highest recorded microplastics ever found on Earth – at an altitude of more than 8,000 metres, close to the summit of Mount Everest.

23 November 2020

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Predicting trends in clinical motion tracking technologies

Read an expert vision of the future where clinicians have been wooed by motion tracking wearables to collect inertial data, into further investment in more complex artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies such as integrated inertial motion sensor systems for personalised patient care.

18 November 2020

Reaching for Answers: Exploring Movement in the Brain

A new study from researchers at the University of Chicago has found that neuronal population dynamics in the motor cortex are very different during reaching and grasping behavior.

18 November 2020

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A step towards an environmentally friendly Lithium ion battery

A new process for restoring spent cathodes to mint condition could make it more economical to recycle lithium-ion batteries.

13 November 2020

Neuron-Growing Ink Offers Hope for Nerve Repair

Researchers have developed a neuron-growing ink that uses the body’s own electrical signals to precisely guide the growth of nerve cells.

11 November 2020

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Pfizer vaccine trial success signals breakthrough in pandemic battle

Pfizer experimental COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90% effective based on initial trial results.

9 November 2020

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Controlling the Building Blocks of Better Plastics

By controlling the spatial orientation of the propylene building blocks and additional polar components, it should be possible to create a new generation of attractive, engineered, specialty plastics, with improved wettability or enhanced degradability, based on Polypropylene.

2 November 2020

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An artificial cell on a chip

This “cell on a chip” is useful not only for studying processes in cells, but also for the development of new synthetic pathways for chemical applications or for biological active substances in medicine.

28 October 2020

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Significant water deposits on the moon confirmed

NASA has now announced that the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy has confirmed, for the first time, water on the sunlit surface of the Moon.

26 October 2020

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Protective Protein Shield for Bacteria in Times of Stress

Even bacteria and plant cells have to cope with stress. They express various specific stress proteins. A group of scientists have now discovered a protective mechanism in cyanobacteria as well as in chloroplasts of plant cells: Complex ring structures formed by a protein attach to cell membranes and dissociate.

26 October 2020

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Sitting Might Not Always Be Bad for Your Brain

It’s generally accepted health advice that adults of all ages should sit less, move more, and engage in regular exercise. However, when it comes to the brain and cognition, a new study of older adults from Colorado State University suggests that some sedentariness isn’t all bad.

19 October 2020

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Scientists precisely measure total amount of matter in the universe

A top goal in cosmology is to precisely measure the total amount of matter in the universe, a daunting exercise for even the most mathematically proficient.

9 October 2020

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Nerve Cell Activity Shows How Confident We Are

A recent study by researchers at the University of Bonn have found that the activity of individual nerve cells in the brain tells us how confident we are in our decisions.

12 October 2020

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Going clean and green: A recycled polyester cleanroom wipe

Companies are trying to incorporate sustainable business practices into their daily practices. Contec have taken steps towards this with the release of ReFIBE, a recycled polyester cleanroom wipe allowing sustainability in a single-use world

7 October 2020

© Cleanroom Technology

Algorithm Fast-Forwards Quantum Simulations To Solve Out-of-Reach Problems

A newly discovered algorithm that fast forwards simulations is expected to bring greater use ability to current and near-term quantum computers, opening the way for applications to run past strict time limits that hamper many quantum calculations.

6 October 2020

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Science and scientists held in high esteem across the globe

Scientists and their research are widely viewed in a positive light across global publics, and large majorities believe government investments in scientific research yield benefits for society.

1 October 2020

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Legionella pneumophila water testing

Diamidex have launched Legionella puneumophila water testing. How it works… Safety and Traceability, Easy Protocole and Data Integration in your System.

6 October 2020

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AES releases three new standard cleanroom models

AES Clean Technology has launched the Faciliflex Express product line that includes design, material, HVAC and installation.

28 September 2020

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Model for Anticipating Viral Transmission Could Help To Optimize Disease Control Measures​

Researchers propose a mathematical model to better understand the dynamics of the interactions between microorganisms within hosts and their transmission ability. 

28 September 2020

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Office Principles launches specialist laboratory division

Principle Laboratories has launched to provide a bespoke technical service and one-stop solution for its growing number of clients.

16 September 2020

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UV Radiation Also Modifies DNA Far Away From the Entry Point of Light

The integrity of human genetics information is endangered by ultraviolet light and may cause skin cancers. For the first time, researchers have shown that DNA damage may also occur far away from the point of incidence of the radiation.

15 September 2020

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Brain Imaging During Tactile Stimulation Can Tell Left- and Right-Handers Apart

Do you ever wonder if the brains of right-handed people work differently from those who are left handers? By observing their brain activity in response to stimuli or tasks, is it possible to distinguish between them?

15 September 2020

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Unravelling what makes memories so detailed and enduring

Our personal memories of the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to be etched in our minds with precision and clarity, for years to come. Distinct from other memories of 2020.

14 September 2020

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Sanofi and GSK initiate Phase 1/2 clinical trial of COVID-19 adjuvanted recombinant protein-based vaccine candidate

Pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Sanofi Pasteur have enrolled more than 400 people for a clinical trial of their Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

9 August 2020

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Thermo Fisher launches Smart-Vue Pro remote monitoring system

Available on-premises or in the cloud, Smart-Vue Pro provides real-time, continuous monitoring of laboratory equipment parameters and immediately notifies users about off-limit measurements that could compromise the safety and integrity of samples, according to the company. It delivers notifications by email, text message, or phone call.

2 September 2020

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Covid-19: 'possible' Oxford vaccine data will be put before regulators this year

Director of group says Chris Whitty hopes the vaccine will be ready before winter 2021 but has the right to be cautious.

25 August 2020

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Asthma ‘game-changer’ as Glasgow team announce 'breakthrough treatment'

Scientists have announced a breakthrough that could help develop a new treatment for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

26 August 2020

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Victory for Team GB at this year's International Chemistry Olympiad

A team of 4 A-Level students from the UK, completely dominated the awards ceremony at the 52nd International Chemistry Olympiad, achieving one gold medal and 3 silver medals!

20 August 2020

© The Royal Society of Chemistry

Laboratory automation: benefits and challenges

Automation has changed laboratories during the past 40 years. It has allowed laboratories to complete more tests — of a greater variety — with fewer staff and lower costs.

28 July 2020

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Microplastics Found in Every Human Tissue Studied

Scientists announce that they are among the first to examine micro- and nanoplastics in human organs and tissues.

18 August 2020

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Al stratification significantly improves treatment outcomes for COVID-19 patients

AN EIT Health project indicates early positive results on improving treatment outcomes of patients hospitalised with severe COVID-19.

11 August 2020

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AEO, AEV and ESSA secure go-date for exhibitions

A combined group of members from the Association of Event Organisers (AEO), the Association Event Venues (AEV) and the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), led by the associations, has today secured the long-awaited go-date for the exhibitions industry for the 1st October 2020.

7 August 2020

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Get back to business safely

Laboratory News have collaborated with Kimberly-Clark, Professional, KIMTECH and UKSPA to return to the lab safely.

7 August 2020

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Digital Futures - a new frontier for science exploration and discover

The RSC has published a report, as a follow up to Science Horizons which engaged 700 academic researchers globally to seek views on key trends. The report demonstrates recent advances in AI, robotics, data analysis, modelling and stimulation which have enabled scientists to augment their research, advancing discovery quickly

7 August 2020

© The Royal Society of Chemistry

£400 million to fund the growth of British Innovation

Seven major research and innovation projects across the UK, have recieved multi-million pound funding in order to drive local economic growth as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

26 June 2020

© Laboratory News

Learning Digitally in a Pandemic

COVID-19 and the changing landscape of education: an academic pathologist’s view

26 June 2020

© The Pathologist

How can robots help in a pandemic?

While epidemiologists search for a vaccine for the novel COVID-19 virus, researchers at the University of California – San Diego are championing robots as an effective tool for managing the pandemic. 

30 April 2020

© International Lab Mate

Breakthroughs in Laboratory Medicine

From brain biomarkers to common mutations and COVID-19 consolidation, The Pathologist magazine share a snapshot of the latest news in pathology and lab medicine. 

20 May 2020

© The Pathologist

Chemical Recycling of Bioplastic Offers Up Bonus Solvent

A faster, more efficient way of recycling plant-based “bioplastics” has been developed by a team of scientists at the Universities of Birmingham and Bath.

22 May 2020

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Will our climate bounce back as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown?

Researchers at Stanford University are studying the energy and environment landscape as people shelter in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. According to the Global Carbon Project, emissions have dropped as much as 17 percent globally. But will there be a permanent change or pattern post-pandemic? Or will roar back next year?

19 May 2020

© Nature Climate Change

Transforming clinical to COVID

What’s it like to drop everything and completely change your research focus? Find out from postcoc Rachel Ulferts who talks collaboration, operational changes in the lab and changes in research.
1 May 2020
© The Francis Crick Institute

Scientists on Standby

In the UK alone, we need to scale up to delivering 100,000 tests per day. Can you lend your scientific skills and experience to support COVID-19 testing and screening? Or provide laboratory space and equipment? If so, Scientists on Standby need your help. 

24 April 2020

© Scientists on Standby

Transforming clinical to COVID

L7 Informatics and Contamination Source Identification (CSI) are partnering to provide ‘ready to go’ COVID-19 workflows based on CDC testing protocol.

22 April 2020

© Scientific Computing World

COVID-19 testing in an inflatable lab

The Beijing Genomics Institute have worked in collaboration with Etopia to jointly design the Huo-Yan Air Lab, an inflatable P2 level biosafety laboratory to rapidly build up COVID-19 screening and testing. 

9 April 2020

© Laboratory News

A small solution to the plastics problem...

German scientists have found a small solution to the plastic problem… bacteria that can feed on toxic polyurethane based plastic products!

7 April 2020

© BioTechniques

Could artificial intelligence be the key to fighting coronavirus?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, scientists are utilizing artificial intelligence to develop new solutions to the coronavirus pandemic.

31 March 2020

© BioTechniques

Going round in circles - single use plastic in the lab

Single use plastics are a staple in the lab – but they are also are part of the plastics pollution problem. Here Bill Walford talks to Jeremy Carter about his recently launched campaign to increase the use of re-usable glassware…    

9 April 2020

© Laboratory News

GSK and Vir Biotechnology enter collaboration to find coronavirus solutions

GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology announced today they have signed a binding agreement to enter into a collaboration to research and develop solutions for COVID-19.

6 April 2020

© GlaxoSmithKline

Francis Crick Institute and UCLH develop COVID-19 testing service

NHS staff testing for COVID-19 has been boosted by repurposing the Francis Crick Institute’s laboratory facilities as a testing facility, to help combat the spread of infection and allow key workers to perform lifesaving duties and remain safe.

2 April 2020

© The Francis Crick Institute

How Sir Isaac Newton turned #WFH during The Great Plague into "a Year of Wonders"

If you’re working or studying from home over the next few weeks, perhaps remember the example Newton set. Having time to muse and experiment in unstructured comfort proved life-changing for him — and no one remembers whether he made it out of his pajamas before noon.

27 March 2020

© The Washington Post

New COVID-19 test delivers diagnoses three times faster

A new test for the novel coronavirus has been developed by researchers at Oxford University. They say the test yields results more than three times faster than current diagnostics and is simpler to use. The new test detects a positive or negative result in half an hour, whereas previous virus RNA tests typically take up to two hours to produce a finding. 

20 March 2020

© Chemistry World

3M partners with Ford to help accelerate COVID-19 response

3M and Ford will collaborate on making more powered air purifying respirators to help in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak

24 March 2020

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Revised biopharma R&D tax credit cap

The UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) has welcomed revised proposals put forward by HM Treasury to ensure genuine biotech companies are not penalised by a cap on R&D tax credits. The new cap design proposal follows the BIA campaign for the cap to limit R&D tax credit payments to SMEs to three-times their PAYE and NI contributions.

23 March 2020

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Managing laboratories in the cloud

There is an increasing tendency for cloud-based laboratory informatics systems to scale business growth and allow lab managers to collaborate and share data with peers and organisations in different locations. Estimates suggest over the next 5 years the global laboratory informatics market will reach $3.8 billion!

12 February 2020

© Scientific Computing World

Researchers will continue to work together after Brexit

Directors of the Francis Crick Institute, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory wrote a joint letter outlining continued collaborations between researchers in the UK, Europe and beyond. Brexit won’t stop the researcher’s work to tackle pressing problems such as disease, climate change and ageing.

31 January 2020

© The Francis Crick Institute

Ditching pipettes for computers?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has made a lasting impact in the bioprocessing sector. AI is making its mark across modern medicine with companies making use of it to increase efficiency in manufacturing of medicine to create the best outcome for patients. At the start of 2020, some said that AI was more accurate than doctors in diagnosing breast cancer. The question is… how quickly do we think AI will be at the forefront of the laboratory sector? 

22 January 2020

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Taming the smoking gun

Safety regulators have been scrambling to catch up with the explosion of popularity of vaping. Chemicals given off by the device itself are one of the biggest concerns but studies of extractables and leachables could make vaping safer. These are essentially chemical compounds that are extracted out of device materials under laboratory conditions. 

4 February 2020

© Laboratory News

Genetic rewiring drives cancer’s drug resistance

The Institute of Cancer Research in London have identified a micro RNA which may improve susceptibility to chemotherapy of bile duct cancer

18 February 2020

© Laboratory News

What is fantastic to see? The top 5 awards in America's National STEM contest awarded to all women for the first time ever!

At a U.S. national science and engineering competition for middle schoolers, all five top prizes were awarded to girls for the first time ever this year. 

20 November 2019

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