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Lab Live Webinar Series

January 2021 will see the launch of Lab Innovations enhanced digital offering – Lab Live

Lab Live exists to create an active dialogue between the entire laboratory industry.

Each Lab Live talk will put the spotlight on a key industry sector with a high-profile keynote, and high-quality sessions relevant to the event’s theme.

Brands who participate in Lab Live will offer attendees a wealth of technical information plus the ability to have live dialogue with each brand’s support teams. Find out more about Lav Live Digital Opportunities below.

Lab Live # 6 | Why Biphenyl is an Interesting Choice as a Primary Liquid Chromatography Stationary Phase

Thursday 10 December 2020 – 11:00am GMT

This presentation in partnership with Restek Thames will examine why people use a C18 phase, as well as the strengths and limitations of the phase. The session will consider a different phase, Biphenyl. Speaker Luke Staff will look at the modes of interactions and how phase selectivity can be played around with. The session will also consider the characteristics of both columns and how they affect separations.

Who would benefit from attending this digital talk:

• Anyone regularly performing liquid chromatography method development.

• Anyone familiar with Liquid Chromatography but who wants to broaden their column base.

• Anyone who wants to learn more about the principles of stationary phase selection.

This session will be led by Luke Staff. Luke has been working with Chromatography, predominantly Liquid Chromatography, for the last 10 years. Since 2016, he has been Restek Thames’ Liquid Chromatography specialist (in the UK and Ireland), working closely with customers to provide technical support, advice in column selection and assist with the development of liquid chromatography separations.

Lab Live # 5 | Escape the constraints of conventional Ashing and Loss on Drying techniques | CEM Microwave Technology

Thursday 3 December 2020 – 11:00am GMT

Are you interested in learning how to speed up your ashing or sulphated ashing process whilst also improving operator safety?

Do you want a loss on drying moisture/solids analysis method that is quick enough to allow real time changes to your product?

Through unique technology developed over 45 years, CEM can guide you to a faster, safer and more accurate approach to your analytical processes of LOI, Ashing, ROI, Sulphated Ashing and Moisture/ Solids analysis.

Join CEM to learn how you too can join industry leading companies and laboratories already benefiting from their experience in this field.

Lab Live # 4 | The Secrets of Successful LIMS Configuration with Samuel Clark, Autoscribe Informatics

Thursday 19 November 2020 – 3:00pm GMT

Are you interested in learning the secrets of LIMS configuration to allow easier modifications, extensions and upgrades? How can you ensure your implementation is successful? All laboratories are different, and therefore LIMS need to be configured to meet differing needs, as well as to be regularly updated to ensure long-term success.

Using Autoscribe Informatics’ experience of hundreds of LIMS projects this session will show you the secrets of configuration, ‘best practice’ configuration techniques, and how to avoid disaster.

Attendees will learn:
– What types of “configuration” exist in the market
– How to determine which type a vendor uses
– The reasons people require configuration
– The value of choosing truly configurable software
– How to make your LIMS project a success
– Examples of best practice to ensure your LIMS project runs smoothly

Learn what drives successful LIMS projects, unwrap the secrets of configuration, and discover the pitfalls to avoid, in this fast-paced informative webinar. Make sure to register now!

This session will be led by Samuel Clark, LIMS Consultant at Autoscribe Informatics.

Samuel Clark has over 20 years’ experience of laboratory management, QA, and regulatory compliance across a range of sectors.  His experience includes selecting and administering LIMS and the supporting IT infrastructure, optimizing lab workflows across multiple locations, improving QA review processes, ISO accreditation, and leveraging lab data for business growth and customer service. As an expert in laboratory informatics, he works with clients to specify LIMS solutions that both fit their needs and their budget. Based in Texas, Samuel has worked with Autoscribe for six years. Prior to Autoscribe Samuel worked for JLA in their food safety and quality division. His broad skill set mixed with his practical knowledge and experience ensures clients needs are properly understood and appropriately addressed.

Lab Live # 3 | 21st Century Technicians: Challenges, Insights & Innovation

Laurence Dawkins-Hall, Professional Registration Support Mentor with the Science Council & Teaching Technician at the Cancer Centre, University of Leicester shares important aspects of the ‘Technician Commitment’ and professional registration.

Lab Live # 2 | Adapting to the new normal: Practicalities of the socially distanced lab

Tom Wickstead, commercial director of international laboratory relocation specialist, Aport, shares advice on how to make practical and effective changes and reminds us of important aspects to bear in mind before undertaking any moving of furniture or equipment on-site.

Andy Evans of Green Light Laboratories

Lab Live # 1 | Getting your lab sustainable

Andy Evans, Director of Green Light Laboratories and the UK’s leading lab sustainability consultant, provides gives you advice on how to make your lab more sustainable to help you save the planet and save money regardless of your role or the type of research you’re in.

Speaker highlights

Andy Evans

Director, Green Light Laboratories

Tom Wickstead

Commerical Director, Aport

Laurence Dawkins-Hall

Professional Registration Support Mentor with the Science Council

What to expect at Lab Innovations 2021?

Lab Innovations offers a range of show features, networking events and free-to-attend conferences to maximise your time out of the lab. Lab Innovations will help you build connections, get tailored advice from industry experts and learn about sustainable initiatives in the lab.



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