Lab Innovations Advisory Board

Meet our 2024 Advisory Board members

Our annual meeting point for feedback

We held our annual advisory board in March to get feedback on Lab Innovations and to continue to gain up-to-date industry knowledge. This year we decided to focus on content specifically, and what attendees might want to see from the conference agenda. This was an incredibly insightful session with some industry professionals, and we’re very grateful for their time!

What were the key takeaways into further improving Lab Innovations in the future? 

  • Content is key; with an increasing number of visitors interested the conferences, our content needs to be as exciting, relevant and informative as ever!
  • Attendees are looking to gain knowledge on topics such as AI, automation, regulation and importantly sustainability, as an umbrella topic covered across the whole event. 
  • Content as a whole could look into being varied to cover interests from the entire lab community 

Andy Evans
Green Light Laboratories

Greg Coppack
Stone Junction

Harriet Gould
Royal Society of Chemistry

Jacqueline Balian 

Josie Harris
Applied Microbiology International

Lee Fletcher
Oxford University Biology 

Mark Withers
King’s College London

Matthew Partridge
Errant Sciences

Raj Patey
My Green Lab

Richard Stone
Stone Junction

Rowan Cammarano

Sean Marshall
Laboratory News

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